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November 12, 2020


Dear parents,

You are reading another issue of Newsletter with this hot piece of news: Distance education is going on but…

On 18th November our first and second graders are coming back to school!


But now let me, on behalf of the whole bilingual team, express our thanks for your cooperation and patience and for supporting your children and our institution.   We sincerely appreciate your approach.

I am saying hello to your children at home and I appreciate that they are still motivated to learn. Hopefully. Distance learning is undoubtedly a big challenge for them but it is also a chance for becoming more independent and responsible.

The timetables for our online classes are designed to present a balance between the needs of particular age groups and the necessity to keep bilingual education to a sufficient extent.

I am sure that our class teachers have informed you that some classes with native speakers are not compulsory and you can make a decision if your child should attend them. The reason for this is the fact that children already spend a considerable amount of time sitting at a computer or a tablet. For the same reason, some online lessons, mostly at the second stage of school, are being transformed into asynchronous learning activities, alternatively into tutorials.


Coming events


  • We are immensely looking forward to seeing our first and second graders at school again. The latest news says that this should happen in the course of the next week. Our class teachers will inform you in detail about the day.


  • Optional online dancing lessons with Ms. Lesley-Anne are going to continue. They are very popular among pupils and have a high attendance. Children can see them in their calendars. Now they can also be attended by pupils from higher bilingual classes.


  • Are your children staying at home missing art activities? Ms. Míša, whose instructional videos are on our Facebook, is preparing afternoon Online Art & Craft Everyone who is interested can see them in their calendars and is welcome. Here is a link to Míša´s latest video, giving instructions how to make some nice things at home:



  • November 16: Headmaster´s holiday

The event has been planned for some time and we hope that children will have
a good rest and renew their energy.

  • Parent-teacher meetings are planned for 24th November. Our class teachers will inform you about their form in your class.
  • Parent-teacher meetings for future bilingual sixth graders are held at 16.00 on 25th Parents of pupils from classes 5.E1 and 5.E2 are warmly invited; we are going to present the system of bilingual education at the second stage of school. Parents can register for the meeting in their children´s calendars.
  • With children returning to school, we are prepared to launch BELLhop chip system, which will make picking up children from the school care centre easy. Please complete the forms sent to you by our care centre assistants and return them to us. If you have done so, thank you!
  • We are all eagerly expecting the information concerning the return of the other grades to school. As soon as we have it, it will be shared with you.


My big thanks go to our teachers as they are so innovative and working incredibly hard.


On behalf of the whole bilingual team

With kind wishes J

Mgr. Táňa Bahnerová

Deputy headmistress for bilingual classes





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