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24th September 2020


Dear parents,

Let me greet you on behalf of everyone in the bilingual team. The first month of the new school year is almost over and we are happy that most our pupils are still learning in their classrooms.  We are saying hello to the class that, being in quarantine, could prove that we are fully prepared for distance learning and this is also thanks to willing and cooperative parents.

We are especially proud of our first graders, who are adapting well to the school setting and who are making remarkable progress.  Also, they are strong enough to keep all the necessary hygiene measures as well as other school children. If anything positive can be said about the current situation and its quickly changing protective measures, it is that it teaches children to be responsible and independent.

We would like to thank you for your cooperation and following rules, which is not always easy. Nevertheless, we are also aware of the burden of responsibility and try to comply with regulations. The most up-to-date information is regularly posted on the school website and it is also forwarded to you by our class teachers.


 Our year-round project                        

We will be happy if the school year is as much normal as possible. Therefore, your children will again enjoy the experience of taking part in the year-round project, called 'Ostrčilka Enjoys Reading'.                              

The project is focused on developing reading literacy, however, one's reading experience and enjoyment will be supported too. Our intention is to read together with parents, teachers or in tandem with a classmate. And we want to demonstrate our reading skills to children in the kindergarten too! We do have a lot of ideas but putting them into practice depends on hygiene regulations coming into effect in the course of the school year. Last but not least, we want to visit libraries, talk with artists, attend theatre performances or read to senior citizens.                         

The project has actually started. We are grateful for your beautiful 'bookselfies' that are now decorating the school corridors and recommending so many interesting books to read. At the end of the month, a few winners will be drawn and awarded with books. This year-round project is going to be closed by publishing A Book of Anthology, full of illustrations and children's texts.


Throughout the school year, these 4 topics will be covered in the project:


1 Fairy-tales and phantasies (beginning of November)

2 Poetry

3 Child characters in literature

4 Nonfiction



Information for the next month


  • Due to elections held in the school building on the 2nd October, the first stage classes finish earlier, i.e. at 11.20, in the bilingual school and in the afternoon the school care centre is closed for safety concerns. Children will get their lunch packets and at 11.20 they will be accompanied by our care centre assistants outside the school entrance.

5th-6th grade classes finish at 12.00. Lunch packets can be collected afterwards.

7th-9th grade classes finish at 12.30. Lunch packets can be collected afterwards.

  • The 'bookselfie' lottery will be held at the beginning of October.
  • 26th October – Halloween. Children will learn about Halloween traditions in their morning classes. Further information will be provided to you by respective class teachers.

Thank you for your cooperation and for our receiving your bilingual gifts within the due date. From October each payment will be checked according to its due date stated in the contract. Please keep in mind that we can contact you if we have any questions.

Enjoy the beginning of autumn and, first and foremost, stay healthy!

On behalf of the whole bilingual team

With kind wishes

Mgr. Táňa Bahnerová

Deputy headmistress for bilingual classes



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